1991  1992  1993  1994  1995  1996  
  1997  1998  1999  2000 

- Formed in Osaka with members revolving around Tetsu. 
drummer: pero, bassist tetsu, vocal hyde, Guitar hiro 

- The First Live-concert at "Nanba Rockets" 
- Activities circulate around Osaka.


- The video present GIG was held in Osaka and Tokyo (whole tickets were sold-out!!),as the range of the live activities is extended to the Kanto district 

- ken replaced former guitarist hiro. 
- Single CD recording was done. 

- Participation in the recording of an omnibus CD 'GIMMICK'. 
- Tour to Kanto district. 
Popularity in Kanto district is made to take root due to the activities, and Popularity in Osaka became tremendous. 

- "Voice" was recorded, and omnibus CD ' was released on 1st October by Colombia-record. 

- 1,000 limited edition Single CD 'Floods of tears/Ya-so-ka' was released by the NIGHT GALLERY.  Sold-out.. 

- Drummer Pero withdrew.
= December 30
- live show at Osaka Muse hall. 


- sakura joined as a new drummer. 
- The start of pre-production for the turn to the recording. 
- The recording of 1st Album 'DUNE' was began on late January. 

March 11th: 
- The live show entitled 'SONIC GIG' was held at 'Ebisu GUILTY'. 
250 limited sheets was sold only by mail order. 
(There was no general ticket sale such as "Pia Co.,Ltd.") 
= 14th: 
- They participated in the event "Karei naru masho", at Shibuya public hall. 

April 10th: 
- 10,000 copies with special jacket as Debut Album 'DUNE' were released only to be purchased by mail order.
= 27th: 
- 'DUNE' was released. 
A general record shop becomes possible to handle. 
[The jacket is different from the special board and purchased] 

May 3rd: 
- Appears in Rock'n f PRESENTS "Subliminal Vision" event. 
- "DUNE" The ORICON indies chart the 1st prize acquisition on 31st sale! 

June 14th to July 3rd: 
- The first TOUR titled "CLOSE BY DUNE" (all 10 places) 

August 1st: 
- [CupNoodle PRESENTS Tokyo summer festival=Rock'n f[ARRIVE 1] ] 
- "CLOSE BY DUNE FINAL" at Nissin 'power station', ticket, on the sames day, SOLD OUT! 

October 21st: 
- VIDEO 'TOUCH OF DUNE' released 

November 9th to December 20th: 
- "FEEL OF DUNE" TOUR (all 14 places) 


April 3rd to 15th: 
- "Nostalgy no yokan" TOUR(all 3 places) 

July 1st: 
- VIDEO SINGLE "Nemuri ni yosete"was released by Ki/oon Sony Records,and a major debut was planned. 
= 14th: 
- 2nd Album 'Tierra' released 

July 14th to August 27th: 
- "Sense of time '94"TOUR (all 7 places) 

October 21th: 
- 1st Single"Blurry Eyes" released. 
- It is the theme song of D.N.A 2 (a anime series) 
Late September to end of October
- hyde( Vo.) appears on "AXIA" TV-CM!. 

December 1st: 
- VIDEO and LD titled 'Siesta - Film of Dreams-' released. 


February 1st: 
- Fan club "Ciel" started. 
January 24th to February 4th:(all 4 places) 
- Fan club GIG start commemoration "Ciel/Winter'95" 
= 26th: 
- Recording of 3rd Album and Single. 

May 21th: 
- VIDEO SINGLE titled "and She Said" released 
May 21th to June 27th: 
- TOUR "in CLUB '95" 
19 places by car, and total mileage is 9575.6mile (15,407km). 
The concert intervals at four places. 

July 6th: 
- 2nd Single "Vivid Colors" released. 
- the coupling song, "Brilliant Years" became to be the ending theme of  'Shin-dora'on aired from 11th April on Nippon-TV(NTV). 
= 22th: 
- Participation in event "SHOCK AGE SPECIAL '95" at the Shibuya public hall. 
= 30th: 
- At Shibuya public hall, the campaign event "Randez-vous previous night festival" held in August 
- Notice was done by the screen of that day, the front side of 'Hachi-ko', was full of fans which exceeded 1000 in number. 

August 1st: 
- Recording of Single "Natsu no yu-utsu[ time to say good-bye]" began. 
= 25th to 31th: 
- All-Japan campaign event"Randez-vous,1995,Summer", Started!(all 10 
=  22th: 
- Joined "Aya no kuni Chichibu muse concert'95 NACK-5 GO-ROCK" with 'Kuroyume' and 'THE YELLOW MONKEY'. 

September 1st: 
- 3rd Album "heavenly" release. 
- First time appearance on ORICON was third. 
= 22nd: 
Asahi-television "MUSIC STATION" first appearance of them. 

September 9th to October 4th: 
- TOUR "heavenly '95" (all place 9 places) 
Whole Tickets were SOLD OUT! 
= 21st: 
- 3rd Single "Natsu no yu-utsu[time to say good-bye]"releseed 
ORICON 15th prize. 
Decided for Ending theme of TBS-televison "M-Navi" 

November 21st: 
- Appeared for Chukyo television public recording LIVE "Kiss Miss Live". 

December 12th to 25th: 
- "The other side of heavenly '95" TOUR (all 3 places) 
= 23th to 25th: 
- A tie-up event with Toshima-en. 
This certain period, people with the single of L'Arc-en-Ciel's "Natsu no yu-utsu[time to say good-bye]" were Allowed free entrance. 
First 20000 people got the 'memorial-card'. 
- In the special establishment theater "Dream-Dome" of the park,special 3D film was shown. 
 = 24th
- With the same theater, the regular program of the radio on Nack-5 
The public recording of "MIDNIGHT ROCK CITY" . 
Because of an entrance did a reservation for priority on the radio, the fan who couldn' enter on that day overflowed the areas around the place. 
= December 24th: 
- the first official photograph collection(with the music box version CD ("heavenly") 
- "heavenly" Christmas box was released. 
- the final-day ticket of "TOUR heavenly '95" was sold-out within only 28 minutes. 
= December 27th: 
- 'Nihon-budou-kan' (live-concert) 


March 21st:
- Video"heavenly-filems", released. 
- Live_Document photograph collection "heavenly photographs" released. 
- First live-concert photograph collection, "heavenly-filems-" released. 

April 3rd to May 29th 

From April 3rd: 
- "kiss me deadly (heavenly)'96 L'Arc-en-Ciel"Ever maxim, all-Japan tour (25 times). 
May 26th: 
- kiss me deadly '96 FINAL kiss me heavenly '96 REVENGE heavenly deadly Tokyo bay NK-Hall(ticket sold-out only 10 minutes from release) 

June to July: 
- Turn into preproduction for recording of new album (Would be released on  1997). 
= July 8th: 
- New single CD "Kaze ni kienaide c/w I'm so happy" released. 
Hit chart 4th. 
- the ending theme of "Mohoretsu Asia Taro" (CX-TV) at July, "Music park"(NTV) at August. 
- Summer tour"BIG CITY NIGHTS ROUND AROUND '96 Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka  for five times. 

September 20th: 
- Book "is", released. 

October 7th: 
- The net of five pieces of the TBS radio whole country 
- "Bonjour L'Arc-en-ciel" regular program, started. 
- New single CD"flower c/w SA-YO-NA-RA" released. 
Hit chart 5th. 
Decision to be "Professional baseballNews"(CX-TV), theme song. 

November 21th: 
- NEW SINGLE"Lies and Truth c/w Sai ha nagerareta" released. 
"Tower count down"(TX-TV), theme song. 
Hit chart 6th. 

December 12th: 
- 4th album "true", released. 
Hit chart 2nd. 
6th week from out, hit chart No,1!! 
Tthroughout the 9 weeks afrer stays in top ten as a longterm seller album. 
= 23th: 
- 10 concerts whole Japan, started at Osaka-jyo Hall, 
titled  "Carnival of true" 


- Turns into composition, the charging period for the creation of the new original song. 

April 18th: 
- the band had to stop all the activities because Sakura was found to be posessing drugs. 
An official comment: The home confinement of sakura, and from fall,the band will be revived by  hyde, ken, and tetsu: from the band had been out at the day. 
In April,
- May Official comment from members of the band appears on a music magazine. After that each member their talked own thought in the music magazine. 

- for the charge, to London, (two weeks) 

From June: 
- Preproduction for the new tune, recording started. 
- Yukihiro of the ex- "DIE IN CRIES" replaced Drummer Sakura. 

August 27th: 
- Appeal to release a new single, which became the foothold of activities reopening in the specialty magazines of music,after this day. 
= 31th to 13th, september
- "Group Air Line" recording of the space shower 46, the professional motion video photography of new single, "Niji", to London. 

October 17th: 
- reincarnated with release of new single,"Niji c/w THE GHOST IN MY ROOM" real activities reopening. 
-At the same time with the single sale, on December 23, the announcement of the concert with TOKYO DOME. 
From October: 
- Recording of the album or single started. 

December 23th: 
-Tokyo dome performance titled "L'Arc-en-Ciel 1997 REINCARNATION" which is the first time in is held. 
56,000 seats, in Tokyo dome performance history, in 4 minutes of the shortest, SOLD OUT!! 


January 28th: 
- 8th single,"winter fall" released. 

February 25th: 
- 5th Album"HEART" released. 

March 25th: 
- 9th single"DIVE TO BLUE" released. 

April 22nd: 
- Video"A PIECE OF REINCARNATION" released. 

May 1st: 
- Whole Japan tour[L'Arc-en-Ciel Tour'98 'Heart ni hi wo tsukero!' - LIGHT MY FIRE- started. 
=October 17th to 21th (3places) Added 

July 8th: 
- "HONEY" "Kasou" "'Shinshoku'-lose control-" 
Three singles were released at the same time as history's being first. 
Hit chart of 27th July:1st"HONEY",2nd "'Shinshoku' -losecontrol-" 
Hit chart of 26th november:1st"forbiddenlover",2nd"snow drop" 
It's the first time that the same artist gets 1st and 2nd prize at the same time twice!! 

November 5th: 
- Reguler program of Nippon Broadcasting System (JOLF radio) 
- "OH! DAIBA TO BLUE"started. 
= 7th: 
- 13th single "snow drop" released. 
= 14th: 
- 14th single "forbidden lover" released. 
= 15th: 
- "1999 OFFICIAL CALENDER" out. 
= 21th: 
- "L'Arc-en-Ciel Tour'98 Heart ni hi wo tsukero!-LIGHT MY FIRE-", finished. 
Completion (47 places 56 performances, 230000 people were mobilized.) whole tickets were SOLD OUT in a few minutes! 
= 21th: 
- The 31st whole Japanese wire broadcasting gold request prize winning a prize, Grand Prix acquisition! (NTV) 

December 4th: 
- trading cards," perfect collection" was out. 
117 kinds,LimitedEditions were sold only at concert place (54 kinds) 
= late: 
- L'Arc-en-Ciel official goods collection the first, were out in whole 
= 23th: 
- Live concert video, "Heart ni hi wo tsukero!" 
350000 of the exception are broken through as a release music video! 
Video hit chart four weeks continuous the 1st prize acquisition! 
= 31st: 
- the 40th Japanese record prize better work prize winning a prize! (TBS) 
- The 49th NHK 'Kouhaku uta gassen'first participation 


January late: 
- L'Arc-en-Ciel official goods collection the 2nd, was out whole Japan. 
= 20th: 
- The photograph collection of perfect sticking of Live concert in 1998. 
"L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE" was out from Shuei-sha. 
= February 20th: 
- "The photograph collection that all the perfection of the overseas photography is special" 
"L'Arc-en-Ciel LIFE"was out from Shuei-sha. 

March 1st: 
- 36th golden arrow, music prize, grand prix, get! (Asahi-TV) 
= 3rd: 
- 13th Japanese gold disk prize (NHK) 
Single "Kasoh", "HONEY", "snow drop" song of the year, winning! 
Album "HEART" Å®Rock album of the year, winning! 

April 3rd: 
- Nippon Broadcasting System(JOLF radio), Inc. 34 stations net "OH! DAIBA TOBLUE" (Late at night, 25:50~ 15 minutes) renewal started. 
= From 10th: 
- in the series CF of Suntory Ltd. can coffee "BOSS-7" 
Continuation L'Arc-en-Ciel appears in Clinton, K-1, Takanohana! 
= 18th: 
- Asahi-TV. "Inazuma London Hearts" 
A decision to be on (Every week, Sunday, 19:56~ broadcasting start) Live regular! 
= 21st: 
- 15th single"HEAVEN'S DRIVE" released. 

June 2nd: 
- 16th single "Pieces" released. 

July 1st: 
- 6th album"ark",7th album"ray" released at the same time. 
7 countries in the world (Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Tailand,Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines) at the same time. 

July 17th,18th: 
- Osaka COSMOSQUARE special establishment stage 
= 24th,25th: 
- Fukuoka Marinoa 
= 31st and August 1st: 
- Appi Kohgen special establishment stage 
August 7th,8th: 
- Makomanai Open stadium 
= 14th,15th: 
- PortmesseNagoya special establishment stage 
= 21st,22nd: 
- Tokyo Big site car park special establishment stage

December 31
- Participation in 50th Kouhaku uta gassen, song 'Heaven's Drive'-


activities to be continued...