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right now, there is most action at There is a voting for singles songs to be included in single album(scheduled release March2001). 150000 vote limitation, in 8 countries of Asia. There is an english version, 2 chinese versions and a japanese version of voting form.


Old news/info

1) L'Arc~en~Ciel's 'ghost' tracks:
found from Chinese messageboard->
Unfinished 7 tracks->the demo tape which is stopped because of bandmember withdrawal.Some of this songs are published in Dune, but some of these songs have become unmaterialistic.

Claustrophobia- original version of shutting from the sky
kioku no kakera(?)- original of Cureless
no truth
tsuioku no jyoukei- almost totally different from album version.
dune- differnet from album version.
entichers- different from album version
I'm in Pain

then these are only sung in live->

call to mind- tsuioku no jyoukei's original version, but lyrics are totally different.
with silence
too glare- xxxx original version (gomen, can't see), lyrics also different.
hell- tsuioku no kakera's original version.
white feathers- english version, contents of lyrics are totally different.