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 Q: What do you love most about tetsu?

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(concluded May 21)

Percentage Part of Person HI-score
24% face/body 60
23% fun-loving personality 58
22% musical talents!(duh) 55
20% his big banana... 50
8% his slashability *grope* 20
4% silhouette/aura 10
note: figures are approximates.

hido's note : heh...hehehe ^^; I thought I'd make fun of "face/body" a little, coz I thought musical skills would come first. Tetsu _is_ a superb bassist.^^; but since that won, and I'd been reading Squee! in the afternoon, I kinda remembered Level E and the Human Suit... *giggles* After all, the body is a cover for the innards, ne? although  I must admit, tetchan's body _is_ very alluring...>_< I _do_ wanna rape him..