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personal favorite L'Arc's hp:
Fourth Ave Cafe Fourth Ave Cafe, some of the images in gallery are recycled from here. HP by Hyde So So.
A Swell In The Sun, where the information for Yukihiro and DIC came from. A very good Chinese L'Arc~en~Ciel and Yukihiro page.
Be Kind To Yuki club. (acually, by yours truly.)
Another Side of Heaven, made by a Thai fan. In both Thai and English.
Choco to Cacao No Heya Choco to Cacao no Heya, in Japanese. Also contains food of Singapore! ^^
Rock Final, It also contains many thngs of L'Arc~en~Ciel. 
Laxel, A korean site for Laruku. Downloads, Picture of the week, and photo gallery etc. 
Xz0ne 2.0 , Actually my own site. The whole thing is very laruku-influenced, + some other stuff I'm into., If you wanna get anything, please buy through this link. It contains many stuff, such as games, movies, music CDs (read: L'Arc~en~Ciel^^)... Anyway, It'd really help if you do.^^; 
Other L'Arc's hp:
Bonsai search : L'Arc~en~Ciel. 
L'Arc~en~Ciel DokiDoki L'Arc~en~Ciel Doki Doki,  contains screenshots of recent music videos. One of the pictures are recycled from here.
L'Arc Perfection
Ken Illusion | Thailand site, Originally Ken Illusion. Includes famstuff.
Aki Hyde's Larc station
Aki Hyde's Larcstation, a pretty cool L'Arc~en~Ciel fan site. 
Natsu no cradle, an intresting page with.... Ken and Yukki! *^^* In English.
L'Arc~en~CIel: Laruku real, I would recommend this page for sound samples. In English.
Verite De L'Arc~en~Ciel
Verite De L'Arc~en~Ciel, by Phoebe, in English and Chinese. Has pictures, gossip, Translations of interviews (in Chinese, etc etc.

music hp:
NarCiSS official hp, an indies J-rock band.
In Forest, a Lacryma Christi site c/w Levin Shrine Made by Tsurara.
Sea of Crisis, unofficial hp of Luna Sea, by RA-SE-N. I like this page.
jrock DIMENSIONS, page by hinachan, on various bands.
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, a J-rock band. Official hp.
Zigzo's official HP, Zizgo is another J-rock band. 
Blue official hp, official hp of band Blue.
East of Eden
East of Eden, official hp for Kreis label + band JILS.
Miroir, official hp of band Malice Mizer.
Luna Sea
Luna Sea, official hp of  j-rock band Luna Sea. 
Dino, Inoran's official HP. English + Japanese.
London after Midnight
London After Midnight, A goth band from London. Their music is pretty nice. Official HP.
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson, a band which makes pretty cool music. From the US, official HP

Misc hp:
Spookyland, An American comic site featuring works by artist Roman Dirge. (I love lenore ^^)
Flowers of my Enmity, a personal webpage by my friend Abigail. Includes her stuff and works.
Hikaru Kage no Zanzou, hp by Tsurara for artist Murasaki's work (as in drawings)
Garfield , An american comic featuring comic strips of Garfield. (official)
Death Death, a homepage of the character from DC comics.
Voltaire, Official hp of Voltaire, author of "Oh! My Goth", an animator, and a musician.
Neopets, a vitual pet community. If you do sign up, please go through this link! (btw, my username is hidoko, feel free to add as a neofriend.)
Mean People Rock Button Exchange
MPR ButtonExchange

mecha exchange
mecha exchange

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