Diary / Omake

TETSU69's seeds
-On the seeds provided by TETSU69...

Whaddya know?
-My experiences trying to get the Tetsu69 single...and certain thoughts.

-a review on the single.

tetsu's solo single
-*_* tetsu's solo single! What does it mean....DISBA ND?!

to draw out the line of fate
-about hyde's May 2001 self portrait which relates to my life in an eerily coincidental way

Heavenly salon c/w etc

(from Apr onwards)
hyde and demons

Siesta -field of dreams-

Analysis of Good Morning Hide

Dark Suck La

Good Morning Hide Analysis II


Haido Et Fur


Saku vs Yuki

White Feathers

Olden Laruku

Recent Laruku

Oversea Fan's troubles (and piracy discussion)

Stay Away CM

Stay Away Single

Get Out of the Shell


My thoughts on Hyde, Tetsu and Yukki


Fans' Treatment

I For You

Real Review


Blue Heaven

Fave Laruku Albums

13-thing rant


ningen no kawaisou

bishounen + v-rock talk




Yami no Matsuei #2
-if you're not interested in comics, skip directly to the tetsu-lookalike's pictures.

The Nth You Know You Had Too Much L'Arc When...
-done when someone posted this topic on a ML.

fun with a mini-tete
-what hido has been doing with lil tetsu....(not XXX!You hentai!)

Evangelion talk and (cheesy) edited Laruku images
-As title-- and hidoko still wants Tetchan's eva t-shirt! *kicks tetsu*

H level of Laruku songs
-a rating of how possible it is to do sex when listenig to certain laruku songs.

-some quotes which I found cool.

Singapore censorshipboard should have banned Chronicles2
-the tongue-in-cheek article that got my ass flamed by patriots.
Top 10 clauses of a Perfect Singaporean
-An aftermath of the first post.

tetchan dollie!

Jara X hidoko interview -hidoko Matsumoto c/w fanficdom
hidoko X Jara interview -Laruku c/w Jrock fanfics

(from Apr onwards)

Tarot reading for hyde
Tarot reading forTetsu
Tarot reading for Ken
Tarot reading for yukihiro
note: Idea of readings come from In Forest.

Laruku Domains

Laruku Smileys

Friends with Laruku?

Laruku-named pets

My Chinese Textbook

L'Arcom's online RPG game
L'Arcom's online RPG game #2
L'Arcom's online RPG game #3
L'Arcom's online RPG game #4

Name analysis - hyde
Name analysis - Ken
Name analysis - tetsu
Name analysis - yukihiro

Yami no Matsuei
Angel Sanctuary
Level E

Best way to meet Laruku members